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Update CM for modern Hi-Resolution Monitors

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Monitors are getting more and more hi resolution nowadays, with 2k and 4k becoming commonplace. 8k is even now being available for purchase.

With this in mind, CoinManage needs to add/update these items to keep from appearing horrible on these screens. On my 4k monitor the icons toolbar is looking very soft due to it being lo-res raster graphic icons.

CoinManage needs to implement/update these items to maintain a clean, hi-res, and high quality looking UI for its users:

  1. Update the icon toolbar and UI to vector graphics (or much higher raster graphic sizes) & allow the user to choose the size of the icons in the tool bar (xsmall, small, medium, large, xlarge, etc).
  2. Add the ability for the user to set the sizes of fonts in the UI in these areas at a minimum:
    1. User Interface (menus)
    2. Lists (Collection list area, line item list, etc
    3. Line item data area
    4. Overall UI

CoinManage (and Currency Manage) is starting to look very dated (stuck in the Windows Vista era) and desperately needs a modernized UI to compete with its competitors. 


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