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Feature request: allow the images to have captions

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Most times when I'm inventorying an item, only one or two photos is needed to show the item. However some products come with multiple parts/items and a picture of each critical item is useful to have in the list of pictures. And when the product is new, I will easily recall which picture goes with each item in the product. However after years have passed, I may not recall what's what. Allowing the pictures to have an optional caption would make identification of the items faster and more accurate. It would also make referencing a particular item in, say the notebook, clearer so that whatever note is added, the meaning of whatever activity was taken is clear. It's not a major thing, but would be nice to have. Also, on the primary UI screen, I would show the caption for quick identification that the caption has been entered correctly for each item.

Thanks for your consideration!


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Hi, we already have 16 image caption text fields in the data file.  We will be changing the UI to allow the user to assign a caption to each image.  I expect this to be in the 2018 edition sometime this summer.

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