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  1. Dear All, I am using Asset Manage Enterprise I am trying to figure out how asset mange enterprise edition prior depreciation, This software had same bug in asset mange 2015 edition as well, we upgraded to Asset Manage 2017 edition and still not able to use this function because software forget the ending date of prior depreciation period. Every time when we open depreciation of the same asset , the prior depreciation period is not selected causing it to show different depreciation than what we want software to show at specific date. Before starting it, Change start of year to July and Use full year depreciation in year of purchase and none in year of disposal as policy using preferences tab. Here are steps to replicate these steps. 1. Download sample text v1.csv 2. I am using a clean installation to show how import and export file is different so my database will have only these 9 assets which will be imported via above file. 3.Import the file using import option. 5.Regenerate depreciation of all assets from tools menu. 6. export assets as at 30-06-2014 using depreciation report with option of depreciation for full year option selected. 7.Exported will shows that it ignored the fact that we want software to show our provided value for year 2014, instead it shows depreciation calculated by it self. Will the developer can rectify this issue??? as 2 major versions were not able to do the same thing. What if we select prior depreciation period manually?? If we open an asset from software, go to depreciation tab ad select prior depreciation ending period, it will generate the correct depreciation. select OK. Now Export the assets as mentioned above , it will show our desired depreciation for that asset as at June 30, 2016. But if we open the same asset again and we switch to depreciation tab it will again shows you the depreciation calculated by itself instead of using our selected period end (which we slected in previous step.) It means as soon as we regenerate depreciation or we open depreciation tab prior ending period will got un-selected and software will show self generated depreciation. This bug/blunder was communicated to Mr Paul.d numerous times but we are not able to get answer from him. There are many other bugs also but currently we have to import 250,000 asset using import function, and by defining prior depreciation period end, with this bug in the software we can not complete our task and all the money we used to purchase this software looks wasted. Hope to get a positive and speedy patch to resolve the issue from developers. also it is a request to senior management to look into this matter and resolve issue, so that we can import assets and can start using this software. Best Regards Waseem sample test v1.csv
  2. We are using Asset management Software 2017 Enterprise Edition v , in his version prior dep is not working, as soon as we save asset ang open dep tab again, it ignores the period we selected previously and even not show the period as selected in drop down menu, Will you please fix this bug? Waiting for a positive response. egards
  3. Database can be accessed by multiple use at same time if sql server can be accessed via ip address.
  4. @admin Email sent, Kindly check it it has a subject of "Asset Manage 2015 Update Waseem(ZMK) with Key" Hope to hear from you soon
  5. Hi, Can you tell me how can we update Asset Manage 2015 to latest edition? Clicking on check for updates is doing nothing. We are facing error of string not found while importing data from CSV or mdb file. Regards
  6. What about Update procedure? When i am clicking on update it is doing nothing, or we can install latest version available on site?
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