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  1. Yep....I retype the code as well...and it "stays" negative. So, it must not be in the database yet. But, when it does work....I really like it.
  2. Not sure what to tell you guys. I had an earlier version.....but didn't use it since I hadn't figured out how to transfer QHI data over to HM. But...I used a 3rd party program to convert data files, then uploaded to HM2020 as one huge file under one location. I then bought HM2020 (version (20.0.0)...sorted out my locations and have now started to record new purchases. My data gets saved with no issues. The HM2020 program load instructions were very specific as to what directory the program files needed to be downloaded to (i.e., the program "auto" selection needed to be changed). Perhaps this is the problem? In any case......good luck. I like the program, but I'm now trying to get the bar recorder gun to work 100% fo the time.
  3. Just started to use barcode inputs.....great time saver. I'm using a Inateck model BCST-70 via Bluetooth. User guide sucks....but the HM2020 user video makes it look simple. Right now i'm getting about 25% "no info" while scanning. Even the bar code on the Inateck box came up with no info. The type of response beep seems to be key, but i haven't figured them out yet. Anyone else using a barcode scanner. Any advice? Thanks in advance
  4. I'm not seeing these issues occur right now.....but I've just started to use HM2020. So far, my changes have been getting saved. I'll watch for the admin answers.
  5. When moving rooms from Main Residence to another Owner Location, the room title gets "No Owner Location" tagged to the title. What am I doing wrong? This happens whether I'm using the actions drop-down command or the drag-and-drop function. I'm using the 2020 upgrade version.
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