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  1. Hello, Thanks for fast reply to my post' I do appreciate it. After having many fields not work for me, the crashing and slow dev/support email requests I have returned the software. I switched to a new program that works for me and has lots of features and they all work. I wont require anymore help as I no longer have the software. Thanks for your time. Fred
  2. Hello, I am also new but will give you some help. You can create custom fields but many fields you create will not work as that is my problem. Some custom fields will work but many will not. Under Tools, go to preferences. A window will open so then click fields tab. Then when there go to user defined fields. Now do not follow how number show and select field 1 or Field 2 or other low number dont select higher fields as they do not work. So click a field 1-9 make sure its 1-9 and not how list appears. Once field 1-9 is selected type what you want new field to be and hit enter. Then click ok. Now go back to tools, preferences and this time click columns tab. If you used fields 1-9 your new field name will be in list under Available columns. Find your flied and click it and then click add. The on right side find your field click it and move it up or down to where you want it to show and then click OK. Your new field will now be working. You can also move other fields around to meet your needs. (minus the broken ones.) If you try adding other fields above 9 some will work and many will not. After days of trying to get help I have given up and have just sent refund request. Hope this info helps you. P.S.( I also used HIP before company Radium went under and now software wont reactivate.) Pro86
  3. Hello, Well not sure if I should have continued this post but the program keeps crashing. So the user fields don't work from 13 on. Now the crash is when trying to add new location. When I click add location and then click on Pictures tab the program crashes with no error. Edit: Adding Video link to the problem. Please let me know. Thanks in advance Fred
  4. Hello, Thanks for letting me know. I will purchase within minutes. Not sure if you got my email replies which is why I opened ticket here. EDIT: I had said fields worked in my last edit. But some still do not show up even now when registered. Edit 2: I added info to fields names 13 and up and most do not show up to select as columns. Thanks for your help. Fred
  5. Hey Guys and Gals, I sent support some pre-purchase questions and they answered them. Then I replied with a couple follow-up questions and never got a response after multiple attempts. So I will ask here and hope someone knows the answers. 1) In the section "HomeManage Preferences" The "column" section. Why is it that words have no spaces between them? Example of just a few "BaseCost, DateSold" and others. I ask that just because I am use to spaces between words. 2) The next question is still in section "HomeManage Preferences" The "Field Names" section. I see 99+ user defined fields, but I notice even if data is put in most of them only a few can be used in the Column selection area. Is it just a limitation with the trial or is there some option I am missing (Not that I would use them all, but some)? 3) Also I had old software from a different company and they went under and closed down. I could not reactivate the software on my new computer. 4) What happens if I buy software from you and then you (company) goes out of business? 5) Could the software still be activated on a new or repaired computer at a later date? 6) Or would I never be able to use on a new or repaired pc if you (company) goes under? Thanks in advance Fred
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