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StampManage Data File Issues


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=== Recent email from a customer

I wrote a note to you yesterday describing the "circle" I'm now caught in when trying to open the stamp manage file. The circle continues with no success in finding a way out.

Assuming the worse case, i.e., uninstall all of the current stamp manage files, download a newly purchased "Stampmanage 2013" file, and begin re-loading my stamp information -- I need first to be able to reclaim and then view and print my "backup database file" that I created on 6/3/13. When I click of this file a "pop-up" indicates that I can open this file if I download "OFFICE 2010". When I go online to purchase and download Office 2010, the store indicates that "OFFICE 365 Office Home & Student 2013" is now the comparable software.

If I purchase & download Office 365, will I be able to open, view, & print my backup database for use in re-loading a new 2013 stamp database? If not, what software can I use?

For the longer term, again, assuming the worse case - 1)can Liberty Street Stampmanage databases be loaded and used on an Apple Mac Book Pro? 2)if not, could the database be utilized on an Apple Mac Book Pro loaded with "Windows for Mac" software?

I'll appreciate your review of these questions and your feedback, especially input on how to reclaim my backup data.

=== Answer

All text data in StampManage is stored in a Microsoft Access format data file called STAMPDATA.MDB. You DO NOT need to have Microsoft Access installed on your computer to run our program.

However, if you wish to open the data file, you will need Microsoft Access. Office 365 has replaced Office 2010, it is sold on a yearly subscription basis and we are upgrading to it in our offices as well. I have read some good reviews on Office 365.

When you purchase Office 365 you will be able to open and view your StampManage text data. The information related to stamps entered into your collections is stored in the MyCollection table. The pre-defined database of stamp varieties is stored in the Varieties table.

I'm pretty sure you will be able to open the stamanage data file on your Apple computer using the Mac version of Microsoft Access.

to run StampManage on a Macintosh, you will need to purchase the PC Emulator software called Parallels.

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