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Error 11 when trying to Activate


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Some of our users are getting this error when trying to activate. The company that created our licensing system suggest the solution below to fix the problem. Sorry it is rather technical. First try right mouse clicking on the program icon and select RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR from the popup menu.then try to activate.

The hardware id couldn't be generated due to an error in the COM setup.

Re-enable Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) in your group policy

editor or reset the local group policy to the default values. Contact

your system admin for more information.

This error is Windows only.

This error can also be caused by the user (or another program) disabling

the "Windows Management Instrumentation" service. Make sure the "Startup type"

is set to Automatic and then start the service.

To further debug WMI problems open the "Computer Management" (compmgmt.msc),

expand the "Services and Applications", right click "WMI Control" click

"Properties" and view the status of the WMI.

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I have tried the above suggestion with no success. The error is keeping me from using Stamp Manage, but the Windows Management Instrumentation service is on and working as it should. The problem seems to have happened concurrently with my upgrading to Windows 8.1.

Has anyone else had this problem, perhaps a Windows 8.1 user, and worked through it. I am "dead in the water" with Stamp Manage until I can find a solution.

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