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Sharing Data Files


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I’m looking to purchase a software package for my own and for an estate collection. I’ll need to share the estate files with both siblings and possibly interested parties.

  1. Is the data file stored on my hard drive or in the cloud? What are the privacy features?
  2. Can I share the data with others if they don’t own the software?
  3. What is the .ext on the data file and can it be transferred to a .xls or .doc extension?


In answer to your questions:

1/ It is stored by default on your hard drive, you can specify the data be stored on an external drive or USB flash drive. The data file can be password protected.

2/ You can print out reports and share them with others, If they want to use the program to view /edit data they would need to purchase a copy.

3/ The program lets you export reports to Excel and Word format. The format of the data file is Microsoft Access. You DO NOT need to have Microsoft Access installed on your machine to use the program.

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