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Removing Countries from the Program


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I have purchased my first stamp manage in 2011 and upgraded in 2012. I want to upgrade again but I only need United States and the United Nations stamps. I don't mind paying the regular price but would rather not deluge my computer with stuff I don't need. Is there a way to filter the down load or deleting the other countries once it has downloaded?


The Deluxe version includes stamps from many different countries / stamp issuing entities. To restrict what countries show in the user interface you can use the "Countries to Show" feature. To use:

1/ Select


from the main menu.

2/ Select the Countries tab.

3/ Unselect the countries you do not want to see. (See Screenshot)

To permanently delete stamps from a certain country, you can use the Stamp Data Manager (TOOLS > STAMP DATA MANAGER...)

Click on the country you wish to delete and then the REMOVE button (see second screenshot)



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