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No help when given a key that has been used


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Over a month ago now I emailed you that the Key in have for my 2013 SM product is coming back as "The product key you typed is already in use" (pasted in this case). Looking at the replacement key you sent it is the same one that you sent me when I first purchased the produce. Since I reinstalled the application because of a disk crash and new system install. You need to return you key processing back to the way is was on you 2011 software. If we needed to reinstall the applications, you reentered the key that came with the purchase and the programs worked. Microsoft does not distrust its customers like you are doing. They do reply to there customer too.

Does anyone know how to bypass Liberty Streets key?? I only ask this because I've paid for the product and don't see the need to pay again.


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Hi, sorry about your problems. I believe I answered this to you personally a few days back.

The problem with the old keys was that the various anti-virus software programs were constantly flagging the software for false positives.

If possible, before upgrading your operating system, run StampManage and select TOOLS > LICENSING > DEACTIVATE LICENSE from the main menu. Then use the code after you upgrade your version of Windows.

If it is too late to do that, email us your activation code, we can deactivate the code on our end and you will be able to use it again after your operating system upgrade.

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A while back I emailed your custoner support, I havenot heard back from anyone. I told in my when, where, and how I bought your product, I gave you the registration key I was provided, inside the seald box. I cannot register, I cannot update, and now I cannot even open the program. I've read other threads , I see other people get another registration code by email, I have not received an email or new registration by email. I am out money and frustrated. I purchasesd a membership at one of the philatelic auction sites, so far my experience with the stamp collecting community is leaving me feeling like a fool amongst theives.

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