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CoinManage 2015 UK changing images


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Have only got 3 coins in my collection which I had to add as the program is still way out of date.

Have added 4 images to 2 and 3 images to 1.

All OK.

Added bought date to them.

Now they all have the same as the one with 3 images

The program also crashes and sends error a lot

It has just stopped working again.

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Does your version have an internet backup? If so, can you do the internet backup and then let us know which entries have the same images. We will look at the data file and reply. On the cr4ashes, does this happen on coins which you have entered quite a few of the same variety? this crash has been fixed and will be rolled into the UK version this week.

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No it does not have internet backup

Yes it does though it would be with


Backup Database

Manage Backup Files

Restore Backup

But it is in


Crashes no

If you check your emails there should be a few reports from me when the program has crashed

When drag and drop images twice email sent

When exiting the program email sent

I only have 5 items in the database so have put the images back in.

And tried what I did when the images changed but it was OK his time

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