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Coinmanage UK 2015 Manual Backup causes crash


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Backup problems

Have changed the path to my NAS drive Y:\CoinManageUKBackup

Have had a look in the registry and that is were it is pointing

But when I do a manual backup the program does the back up to C:\Users\username\Documents\CoinManage UK and then crashes

On starting the path to Backup is back to C:\Users\MikeLaptop7\Documents\CoinManage UK\

And now the program crashes every time I do a manual Backup.

This is happening on 2 machines both win7 64Bit 8GB one AMD (desktop) the other Intel (Laptop)

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I am having a similar problem, however this is on the US Coinmanage. Admittedly, I am new to Coinmanage, but maybe there is a solution out there. I have been loading the database with my collection. I have done the backup and the internet backup. I have recently bought a new laptop and wanted to load coinmanage on it. Here is how I did that. I installed the demo version of the software and used my code to open up all the features and start using it. Then I did an internet backup on my desktop. I started the internet backup restore procedure on the laptop and at the end, it crashes Coinmanage. I tried to send the report to you but alas, I haven't set up email on the laptop as of this date (I use gmail anyway). Any advice on how I can get my Coinmanage running with my collection on the laptop? PS, laptop is i5 running windows 8.1 touchscreen. Thanks for any help you can give me.

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