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I've been using CoinManage and CurrencyManage for years and it has been a great way to catalog my coins and currency.

I have been going back and adding primarily KM #'s to all of the entries, but it is a tedious process. I would love to see Liberty Street Software provide a way for either making the KM # automatically entered when a coin is selected or, and probably the simplest way of accomplishing this, to allow the edit of the properties of a selected group in the PROPERTIES dialog box. That is, include the fields Cat#1, Cat#2, and Cat#3 as editable properties when a selection group is right-clicked in the PROPERTIES dialog box like some of the other properties are, such as Dates Bought and Sold, Location, Graded By, User Defined fields, Sets, Comments and Grade.

I think that for a future version of the software the ability to edit those catalog numbers en masse would be a highly valuable and desirable tool for the database.


We looked at doing this once, does anyone know if the KM numbers are open domain? We don't really have enough demand for this feature to pay for a license.

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