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Find a stamp in a list without scrolling


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The following is an extract of the StampManage Getting Started Guide 2014. This feature is extremely useful and usually works fine. However, on my computer, it does not work when the Scott Number is made of two or three identical figures such as 66 or 666, unless I press the space bar immediately after.


Find a stamp in a list without scrolling? If you know the Scott Number of a stamp, simply make sure the list is active by clicking on it, then type the Scott Number of the stamp. If a stamp with that Scott # is in the list, the stamp will be selected and moved into view. This feature will work everywhere in StampManage where you see a list of stamps (Collection View, Add Stamp Dialog, etc...)


I did my tests with 2014 Canadian Database, Regular Issues, after checking that those numbers existed.

I also deleted the Headers.WCD file, reset the Add Stamp dialog and rebooted my computer with no success.

I would appreciate your feedback on this issue.


We noticed this as well. We will take a look at why it is happening in the next few days. It may be some sort of issue where the system can't tell the same key was pressed 2 times in a row.

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