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Fix for Backup Crash


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We had some customers report that the program would crash when they performed a backup.

This should be fixed and a couple of people with this problem have confirmed the fix.

Please download and install again from one of the links below, we are working on adding some new 2015 coins to the database and will issue an update in a couple weeks when that is done.

Download links are:

CoinManage USA

CoinManage Deluxe

CoinManage Canada

we are working on CoinManage UK now and will have it done for tommorrow.

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According to your reply by private email the backup crash was fixed with the latest build.

Yes, the UK version is updated later than the USA Edition as we have about 200 USA customers for each UK customer. LIke I said previously that was about the same ratio years ago when we spent many weeks updating the UK database.

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