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Feature request: Add "Show Categories", "Show Rooms", etc. to the View menu. Enable user to list assets where a field has a Null value.


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For most of the fields on the View tab, when you click on the field name like Groups or Manufacturer or Dealer you see all of the values for that field listed on the right side (where the assets are usually listed), including values which aren't associated with any assets. The listing also includes the other properties assigned to values such as Address and Website for Manufacturer or Phone numbers for Beneficiaries. I will refer to these fields as those for which the values can have additional properties.

For other fields, like Status, Purchases, Warranty Expire, Expiring Leases, Color, Year and Made Of, when you click on the field name you get an asset list on the right side of all the assets for which a value is defined for that field. These are fields for which the values do not have additional properties.

In addition, for five fields which have additional properties, namely Beneficiaries, Manufacturers, Groups, Vendors, and Vehicles, you can jump to the field/property listing from the View/Show menu.

1. I suggest that the Show menu should include almost all of the fields for which a property listing is available. This means adding Dealers and Insurers. (I say "most" since I am not sure if Queries should also be included since it is not really a field.)

2. Unlike for the fields on the View tab, there isn't a comparable function to list the properties of the Rooms and Categories via the Location and Category tabs. I suggest that

2a. the functionality to list the properties of Rooms and Categories be added, and

2b. that Rooms and Category be added to the View/Show list as well.

3. In the case of Categories, this can be done by adding Category to the top of the Category list on the Category tab, similar to how the field names Beneficiaries and Groups (and all the others) are over the values on the View tab. I would also change how the Category values list in the left and right panels on the Category tab to match how other fields which have properties list on the View tab. Specifically, on the left side only list categories which are assigned to at least one asset, and on the right side list all of the categories. (This could be user-controlled option via a checkbox labeled "Show empty categories", which might be useful to allow the user to assign an unused category to an asset by dragging it from the right panel to the category on the left panel. Likewise, the user might want to add items using images to a new category, and has to be able to select it in order to do so.)

4. I am not sure how you would list the properties of rooms, since at present selecting a Location on the left panel shows all the assets in that Location, and this is a valuable listing which you wouldn't want to replace with a property list for the rooms. Perhaps you could add Room to the View tab and use that to show the property list for the rooms.

5. For most of the fields, I would add a pseudo-value named like "*** No Status ***" or "*** No Manufacturer ***" or "*** No Category ***" to the left panel. When selected the right panel would list the assets for which the field has a Null value. This would enable the user to quickly find the assets for which a particular value isn't assigned. You already have this concept for the case when there is no location named "NO LOCATION" on the Location list. I would add "*** No Room ***" under each Location for the case where a Location is defined, but not a room. (In another topic I mentioned that a room was added to a "new" Location when I moved an asset from one Location to the new Location which didn't have any rooms, yet. I had dragged the asset to the Location name in the left panel. For this case I would have expected the asset to be moved to the "*** No Room ***" pseudo-value in the new Location.)

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