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coinmanage and foreign, ancient coins, etc...


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I am interested in purchasing some of your products (StampManage, CoinManage with CurrencyManage, and Lignup).

My first question is concerning using all of the products on my main desktop computer and my laptop computer: I use my laptop when I enter the actual data, but my desktop to create, print reports, and backup my databases. Can I buy one package license and install it on both computers? I would rather not have to purchase 2 licenses , since I only use one at a time.

*** each license is good for 2 computers so you only need the 1 license

My second question is concerning the CoinManage and CurrencyManage software: I have coins and currency from all around the world. I also have gold coins from all around the world. Many of my coins are ancient coins ( BC and early AD coins). Do these software programs work with ancient coins and non US coins?

*** CoinManage deluxe has USA, Canada and UK coins listed. CurrencyManage has USA and Canadian banknotes. You can add data from other countries yourself, the program is not really designer for ancient coins.

My last question is concerning Lignup software: Will it work only with stamps or will it also work with coins and currencies?

*** The search is only for stamps at this point. Check out the demo, it does a great job of identifying stamps all over the internet.

Thanks, in advance, for your help with this.

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