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Can't change Backup Folder Location


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Below is a recent tech support chat. HomeManage needs to be able to write to the Windows Registry to store the backup folder location and other similar settings. If you install the program for ALL USERS ON THIS COMPUTER it is possible you may not have permission to write to the Windows Registry unless you run the program with Admin rights.

== User

I can't seem to get Home Manage Inventory 2015 to set the default backup to my "G:\Backup" flash drive. It keeps defaulting to an "F" drive which I don't have.

== Liberty Street Software:

you are trying to change the setting in the program, you have the 2015 edition?

== User

Yes. I holds the setting I set until I exit and then defaults to the wrong back drive when opened again

== Liberty Street Software:

sounds like you dont have permission to write to your Windows Registry, the program needs permission cause thats where it stores the folder preferences

== User

Please explain how this can be corrected. I am the sole user of my computer, and other programs such as Quicken and TurboTax allow me to set the default backup without any problem.

== Liberty Street Software:

they may not store the settings in the windows registry, one minute

when you setup the software did you specify that it be installed only for the current user or for anyone using that machine?

== Mario:

I just did an update to see if that would help and set it for any user. I don't recall, however, how originally installed it several months ago.

By the way, I input data frequently with no problem and manually back up to the flash drive, but I have to redirect it to the flash drive each time.

== Liberty Street Software:

try running the program as administrator, right mouse click on the program icon and select RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR from the popup menu

== User

That worked. Thanks. I'll print this chat and keep it for future reference. Have a great New year.

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