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FEATURE REQUEST: Default Purchase Value &

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Is there a way to have the face value of a coin added as the purchase price. Then it can be over written if the coin was purchased over face value? Also is there an easy way to list the value/cost of all collections. I can generate a report that will will list them all but a tab for it would be nice.

One more thing. I have a lot of collections. separated by type in albums. If I were to sell am album, say dansco 8100 linc cents id have to add each one to the sell list. can I just add the complete album/collection it would save a lot of time



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The Face Value sounds like a good idea for many coins,. the problem is what do you do with commemorative coins and bullion coins where the value on the coin is really not meaningful?

You want a new window that will show the value/cost info?  we have a Total Value command but it is not too informative we will try to improve it for 2016.

We have a way to add complete stamp albums in our StampManage softwarwe, will add something similar for 2016 to CoinManage.

Thanks for the suggestions,  at this point most of our new features are based on customer feedback.

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thanks for the fast reply. I guess a new window is correct, on the bottom of each collection it tells the cost and value as well as the number of coins in that collection. it would be nice to have it say what the value of all the collections together. If I generate a report sorted by collection it will give the total at the end so it already complies the information. it would just be convenient to have it more readily available like for individual collections.

thankyou for looking into the suggestions, by big want is the adding the whole collection to the sale list, I recently sold an album with 32 coins and it seemed to take forever adding the info for each coin, Im dreading doing that for albums with 100's of coins...  


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