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Premiums Over Bullion Value for Silver Eagles (example)


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I was curious if anyone had figured out how to do this.  

As of now, coins such Silver Eagles draw premium over spot when selling, and this represents a potentially significant value in % over spot value.  For instance, many places will pay up to 2$ over spot for Eagles, representing a 13-14% increase in value over spot @14.83.  Who knows this may not always be the case, but it is right now.  And older eagles draw even more significant premiums in some cases (1996).

So my question is this - is it possible some how in the database to use a value such as B.V. + 2$?  It would be cool if this was modify-able at the coin level.  I don't think just modifying the bullion values manually is a good idea, as not all silver creates this same premium.



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doing this would require a new field in the coin varieties table.  The field would be a floating point number that would be multiplied by the bullion spot price for that coin to arrive at a final value.  

Its a good idea, and not super hard to implement so we will add this to the 2016 edition.  The issue though is where to find the premium information.  It may take a couple months to get all the data in there.

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Thanks for your prompt reply.  This sounds great to have it in the next version.  

In my opinion it should be up to the user to determine the premium information.  That would be a lot of data to maintain.  And I would suggest just having a fixed amount, not a percentage, as the percentage will be moving around a lot more than simple dollar over premiums.  This is also useful for negative premiums too, in the case where the user would not expect to get spot.  If it were just a simple number that was called "premium" which could be negative or positive that would get added to BV, that would be fantastic.

And also, having it as a field in varieties is great, because there will be instances where people may have BU Silver eagles that would get the 2 over, and others that may have culls that may get spot or less.  Then the user just has to have multiple varieties based on the premium they are expecting.

Thanks so much.  Been using it since 2011.


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