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Could Not Edit Coin After Moving


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Thanks for making the best coin inventory software out there. 

Had a problem trying to move a coin.  It was a sovereign and I was trying to move it from one collection to another.  Once I moved it I could not change the price.     

I ended up having to delete it and type it in the new collection.  I have more coins to move and I don't want to have to keep deleting them and entering them back in.  Do you have any ideas why the program won't let me edit them after moving?




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I think I figured out the problem.  When I am not able to edit the coin, I have to choose a different database entry.  It has created a mirror database entry and I have to select the mirror entry in order to edit the coin.  It took me a while to figure it out but its all good now. 


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Hi, that should not happen.  When you move a coin to another collection it should still be able to be edited.  You should only see a "mirror" entry if you clone or use the MOVE / COPY dialog with the COPY checkbox set.

you can also hold down the CTRL key when dragging coins to another collection if you wish to make a copy and not move the coin to the other collection.


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