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SM 2016 Update

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I clicked on the "Check for Updates" under the Help menu.  It then tells me that there is a newer version available, but then get an error message Unable to download file, access forbidden.  I am currently running USA 2016 after the eBay fix.  Is this the latest update?  If not where can I get the newer one?

Access Forbidden.jpg


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I'm having the same problem.  As a side comment, would it be possible to create an "update log" on your website documenting the released updates along with the REV level of the update and a brief description of the contents of the upgrade?  Also, when you announce a new upgrade, could you give the REV level of the new upgrade so the user can check to see if he has already installed it rather than having the "update" tell you that you are already at the current REV level?

While I'm asking for the moon... Any chance of displaying the reported problem log and t-do list on the website?  It wold give us a better idea of what needs to be fixed and the future features to hopefully be added.


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Hi, we disabled the update until we can figure out why some users are getting a crash.  If you are a customer that is getting a crash..please try the following

When running STampManage.. right mouse click on the program icon from my desktop and selecting "run as administrator " don't know if you already tried that or if it helps ?, but you may be able to pass that on as a temporary solution to other members if they are having the same problem?! 




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