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Lost Custom Vlues after Upgrade


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Hi, do you have a backup copy of the 2015 data?  When a user enters a custom value by typing it into the value field, it should set a Boolean field that we check when updating.\

We will check to make sure this is happening, sorry for the inconvenience.  If you can ZIP and email us the backup file from 2015 we can have a developer see what is going on

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I just updated again to the latest and greatest, and again, I am losing the custom values for every coin I have created from scratch in the DB Editor. So, each time I jut restore the latest back-up and all seems fine.

But, in doing this am I losing all the new coins, values and pics that come with the upgraded DB? 

So, the backup file at just under 2GB zipped. Not gonna be able to e-mail that, is there another way to get it to you?


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Hi, we spent quite a bit of time a couple months ago working on making sure that any changes the user makes to the CoinManage database do not get overwritten.  Can you email us and we will create a DROPBOX folder so you can upload the file.  Or you can use DROPBOX yourself to send us the folder link.

Is it at all possible you made the changes on 1 computer with a particular username and then moved the data to another computer with a different username?

we detect which items a user has edited based on comparing the username, so that could be a problem.

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Still an issue, new computer, bought new version of CM. Still has the issue. Only use 1 computer, only 1 username.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Go to any collection

2. Choose a coin>rclick edit variety information>Values

3. Change a value>OK

4. Update CM

5 When update is finished - Check value changed in 1-3, it returns to original value.

To retain my custom values, must restore backup and I lose all new items that have been added by CM.

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