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Multiple HomeManage Databases?

Guest Frank

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Can I have more than one HomeManage database?  I'd like to have one database for managing our home inventory, but then a different database to manage some of my collections (trains, etc).  The second database would have a different set of column names corresponding to the type of collection.

I guess I could change the registry values at HKLM\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Liberty Street Software\HomeManage, but I'd still be limited to a single instance running at any given time.  Will the registry trick work?



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Hi, you can use the BACKUP / RESTORE feature to use different databases.   It would also be possible to have multiple ASSETS.MDB files in separate folders and use the OPEN DATABASE FILE command to open the one you wish to use. 

Note you would probably have to use multiple image folders and change the current  IMAGE folder to the one that corresponds to the data file you are using.  The IMAGES folder can be changed in the program PREFERENCES (TOOLS > PREFERENCES)

It would be hard to have multiple column configurations. The columns are saved in a file called HEADERS.WCD which is usually in the MY DOCUMENTS\HOMEMANAGE folder.

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