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Canadian Values


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I understand you are not pulling your data from Charlton, yet, I am having difficulty getting values that are even close to any of the resources I use.

The result is ever time I enter a coin, I invariably must research and overwrite the systems values.

Here is an example, most guides publish a value of between $75 and $100 for a 1964 50 cent cdn grading at ms 65, Charlton themselves published $100 in 2016, yet when I look inside CM, it has a value of $240?

haha, at first I was like AWESOME! But now the rigor of researching every value is starting to get to be a chore, so I thought I would ask a few questions.

1-Have you ever asked Charlton if they would license a DB version for you to use? (would be a great selling feature for you)

2-Is this common? I am not finding many values even in the same universe, almost have to check 5 times to make sure I got the right coin selected sometimes when the values are not even listed anywhere else even on the highest grades for the same coin.

I had asked how you arrive at values on a different thread and even that answer has me perplexed, because nowhere online can I find coins pricing like they do here, heck not even novice buyers at auctions are paying these prices.

Any suggestions?

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Any update on the Canadian value issue? I just downloaded the 2018 demo version to determine if this software is worth buying.  Overall easy to use compered to other software but the one issue I have is that Cdn values are completely off. 

Is there is a solution in sight?

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