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Guest Roddy Mackenzie

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Guest Roddy Mackenzie

I am finding that when I look at coins that I have loaded my own pictures for they then crash and when they reappear the pictures have gone.

Any attempt to re-open them results in a crash.

Previous events showed the following message: Coin Manage Caused an integer divide by zero (0xc0000094) in module coinmanage.exe at 0023:01160e72

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Guest Reply and latest crash

They are all scans from a flatbed scanner at 150 DPI.

The majority are between 40 and 80kb with a couple at just over 100kb.

Is there a limit to the size?

Coin Manage seems to reduce them in size from the originals which are all sub 1mb and mostly 4-600kb

When the program crashes the images appear in the coin manage file as follows.

Sorry but the copy & paste does not work nor does drag and drop.

The images in coin manage change to a white sheet with a blue box and a sort of pyramid in the box but with the correct image number.

The originals were already in the program as proof set 1974. This crash was when I tried to add a second coin by updating the quantity fieldmaslencannes


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hi, no those sizes are fine.  Is it possible to email the images and since you are getting a crash:

email the



files that should be in your MY DOCUMENTS folder, they can often make it easy to fix a crash when we debug.

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