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Running From A USB drive


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=== QUESTION ===

I'm writing to inquire to see if I purchase the HomeManage 2017 software if I would be able to keep a copy on a USB drive and run it from any computer should my primary PC be damaged/destroyed in a disaster.  Can you please advise? 


=== ANSWER ===

Hi, to run the program requires the install program is run on a

Computer first in order to install several files needed. 

So you could copy the install program to a USB or download it anytime, but simply having a USB drive with the EXE file is not sufficient.


HomeManage has an internet backup feature so you can simply install the program on another computer and RESTORE your data at any time.













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I just SLIGHTLY behind checking my emails ... but how many people use NAS devices for backups? I've been using them for a few years. The person who asked about using a USB drive to share his files onto another computer might check into a NAS drive. I can access mine through Western Digital's portal.

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