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irsetup.exe false positive with Norton Anti-Virus


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We have a few reports from user's using Norton Anti-Virus.  When installing our software they are getting a warning from Norton about irsetup.exe.  This is a false-positive, I believe you can add this file to the Norton exlusion list. Below is an explanation of what the IRSETUP.EXE file is:

The file IRSETUP.EXE is not adware. It is actually part of the extremely common Setup Factory 6.0 installer builder product by Indigo Rose Software (www.indigorose.com). It is extracted to a temp folder when running a setup.exe created by Setup Factory 6.0 and used to handle the main installation tasks. It is deleted at the end of the installation process or at the next system reboot at the latest.

Setup Factory 6.0 is used by *millions* of setup.exe's and many thousands of companies. The IRSETUP.EXE file itself is definitely not adware.

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