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=== QUESTION ===

have watched many of your very helpful videos including adding images to an item. I want to add a pdf receipt to an item. I can see how that is done by adding an attachment. However unlike photos which are imbedded as images in my Home inventory software when added, the pdf document appears to require me to keep it on my hard drive. Is there a was to imbed the pdf doc in the software the way images are? This would allow me to delete the pdf files from the hard drive as I do the images once added to the software.


 === ANSWER ===

The program currently stores a simple file path to an attachment.  Embedding the files in the database file would cause problems with large attachments.  In the future we will probably give the user the option to copy any attachments to a folder, which would be backed up along with other data.  The program would just store the filename.






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