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Czechoslovakia Stamp question


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Does stamp 1403 have the correct image?  Scott's 2018 has no picture but the description says it is green and yellow.  The image only shows green.  I have a Kachina stamp that I can't find in either Scotts nor in Liberty. It is dated 1966 but I can't find it.  The description in Scotts page 2B52 lists it as Kachina, the only one I have found. Thanks, Kirk

 Postage stamp from Czechoslovakia depicting Kachina, a good spirit of the American Hopi indians. - Stock Image

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Guest colin@colinpattrick.com

Scott 1403 displays an incorrect image in 'SM'. The image displayed is Scott 1476.

The image that 'Kirkdebs' displays above is in fact Scott 1403.

Hope this helps.

Colin Pattrick

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