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SM2018 12+ Hours to Download & Install? Unheard of!!!


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Okay, I've downloaded the program as you said. Now I'm installing it. But no one told me it would take half of the afternoon and maybe all night. It has been installing since at least 1pm (EST). That's about 8 hours so far and it is is only about 1/5th of the way done.  Now, what do I do?  I have WIFI, and WINDOWS and File Explorer are open with the Stamp Manage Setup page. I tried closing all the stuff except the SM page but it didn't matter. It was still slow as heck!! So I opened A Windows tab and opened the File Explorer, just in case. No difference. I don't remember SM2007 taking this long to download from the site. So what am I doing wrong? It looks like I won't be using the program until tomorrow sometime, maybe. I know I must be frustrating you guys or at at least getting on your last nerve, but I am really frustrated that I can't figure this out myself. I used to be pretty good with computers not too long ago.

God bless you all and thanks a lot!!!

The above is the quoted text from my last message I posted yesterday as a reply to a former message. It is shown as "Read Content." So I figured it was time to change the topic so it would get noticed as a new topic in the forum. Now that's that! Let's get to business!! I tried to download and install SM2018 yesterday after I read your previous reply. I know I'm late, but thank you very much!! After about two hours, I started wondering what was taking it so long to install. But I had to go somewhere and I was hoping when I returned it would be finished. Upon my return, it had continued to install but not by much and I didn't understand that. I had been gone for more than four hours!! That's when I shot off the above message to you.I waited for the program to continue installing, but it was moving veerrry slow and so was my whole computer!!! I opened another tab to try to watch YouTube. It wouldn't load. In fact, nothing would load, not even the home page of my browser!! That's when I knew there was definitely a problem somewhere else and I started investigating. I started with the firewall (I disabled it), then the antivirus (I disabled it), and the VPNs (I disabled them). It took forever to accomplish these tasks, but it didn't make any difference. I didn't restart because I didn't want to interrupt the installation. BUT it was still moving slow!!! By now it was about 10pm (ET) and I was really upset. But I let it run until 12am. this morning. I got frustrated and cancelled the installation because after more than 12 hours it had only installed about 1/5th of the program!!! I restarted my computer and continued my investigation. I checked everything and disabled all that I could that I thought would affect the speed of the internet and/or the installation of SM2018. Later after some sleep, I checked the internet connection and network. They were fine and no problems were found. Nothing changed!!! So I went to the heavy duty stuff like AVG Internet Security and Dell Support Assist. After each program finished its business, I restarted my computer. Again, no change!!! So I don't get it!! What is the problem? What am I doing wrong or what is wrong with my computer??

Any legit suggestions are encouraged and welcomed!! Any  help that may relieve me of the levels of stress and frustration will be greatly appreciated!! And in advance I thank you so very much!!

God bless you all!!!

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