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Guest Scott Meyer

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Guest Scott Meyer

I was wondering about two other ways to utilize this program.  First off, I really like this one.  I have used more than a few over the years and I've been here for probably 2.  Anyway, is there a mobile version of this?  That would make coin shows far more efficient.  I've bought duplicates on more than one occasion and even one that was of lesser quality.  So, there it is...are you developping a mobile app?  Dang, think about what a major dealer do with something that each of his buyers could see in real time?


Question #2 is.  I want to do queries via MySQL to help generate my personal website that can display my collection from some/most or all the information I have in the DB for any of my coins.  This is another tool that your users could take advantage.  


Please let me know your thoughts about these ideas.


With Kind Regards,

Scott Meyer




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Hi, we have a Mac version of the program that is a few weeks away from release.  The issue is Apple requested many changes and so it was delayed.  This is important because once the Mac version is out we will work on an iPad / iPhone version.  We can reuse quite a bit of the code from the Mac version.  So you will see the iOS version in 2019 for the iPhone / iPad.


To use MySQL you would need to convert the MICROSOFT ACCESS format COINDESC.MDB file to a MySQL file.  You would then need to write your PHP / Python, etc.. code to use this MySQL database.  I can't say we have any plans to do this at present.  A user who is a very good web developer could probably do it for their personal use.

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