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Can't Open Exported PDF Reports


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I'm trying to save a copy of the 2 column coin checklist report to my computer in a PDF format.  When I open the report I request a PDF in the dialog box, and then save the PDF file locally.

When I try to open the report I get an error that the report is not valid. I am attaching a picuture of the error I get when I double click the PDF file.

I also tried to export the report as a .jpg file, and I get a blank file.

Trying to print to a printer also does not work.

Any suggestions on how to get these reports to work?  




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Hi, can you try right mouse clicking on the PDF file you exported, then select any of the other available programs to open the file.  Seems to be specific to Microsoft Edge,  we are having trouble opening any PDF file with Microsoft Edge, even if it was generated by another program, not CoinManage...

we found a page that may be helpful to users with this problem it is at:


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I have tried what you have suggested.  However, I don't think this is an issue with the PDF viewer.  I tested both Adobe Acrobate Reader, as well as a Chrome browser. I also tried to export the report to excel, and rtf formats.  All reports in PDF, Excel, and RTF are blank.

When I use the print dialog and select "Preview" the report tool opens and I can see the report with valid data.  There seems to be an issue only when I try to save the report to any file format to my computer.


For reference I am attaching a reference of when I  try to open the PDF in Adobe.  I'm also going to include an image of the upper corner of the same report when I do a "Preview" to show that the report seems to generate correctly (See Example_Report_Corner.jpg)



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