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2018 Upgrade not loading


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Problem with Home Manage 2011 so upgraded to HM 2018 to fix.  HomE Manage 2018 only loads to Guide and Help - no program.  When loaded it removed previous Home Manage 2011.  I restored the computer back to before the upgrade - got 2011 back but now it will not open.  Says my "30 day trial has expired and I need to purchase a key".   I tried to use my previous key and it would not accept it - said I needed a valid key.   Then I tried using the key that came with the 2018 upgrade and it said "ALREADY IN USE"     What is happening?   I just want a program back and all my 9 years of data to open.   

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Paul sent a message to try activation code again.   I did take but the program (2011) will not open.  The activate page comes open first when you click on it - it says it is activated.   It will not open any further!   The 2018 upgrade we purchased the beginning of February has never downloaded.   Only the guide and help download onto the computer - the actual program does not appear.

I would be happy just to get 2011 version back up and running.  I will gladly eat the not working upgrade as a learning experience.

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How do I get either the former Home Manage 2011 to open    OR

How do I get the Home Manage 2018 upgrade we purchased 2 week ago to load.   It only loads a guide.  No program downloads.

When 2018 did not load properly (but it did remove my 2011 version) I restored to a previous time to get the 2011 back.  Now it won't open.  I tried downloading the link to the 2018 upgrade several times.   None worked.  

If you can't help me then I guess I'll have to search elsewhere and start the massive 10 years of input all over again.


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