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Mac Version Feature Requests / Questions

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I just purchased and started using the mac version of CoinManage.  So far so good.  One thing I noticed when I tried the windows trial was that I was able to see the overall value of a collection at a glance.  Is that feature missing from the mac version, or coming in a future update?  Also, any chance the add new coin dialog could have memory?  It's kind of annoying to have to click through a bunch of drill downs for every single coin entry, especially when adding many coins of the same type.

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Hi, we have added the totals display to the mac version.  The update will be coming soon.  Will also save the state of the ADD COIN window.  Don't think it will be in this upcoming free update, but will be ready in a few weeks for the next one.

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Adding a few feature requests to this thread:

  1. The ability to export the CoinManage DB from Windows to Mac. I know this is roadmap but yeah, this would be super awesome
  2. The ability to edit the "generic" types to add the date (such as creating a 2020 Shield Cent)
  3. The ability for the app to remember the column order when I look at my list of coins. For example, I like having the catalog number the first column but I have to redo this every time I open the app.
  4. The ability to indicate who or the grading service used and the serial number for those graded by 3rd parties (NGC, PCGS, etc)
  5. Ability to enter the costs/sold information (lower priority IMO but helpful)
  6. Source of the coin (dealer, family estate, etc) 



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Ten years ago, I was very happy with CoinManage.  Then, after I switched to Apple Mac, I found that I had to maintain a full and updated Windows program as well as Parallels on my Mac solely to continue using CoinManage.  This proved to be real problem and I tried another coin management system that was unsatisfactory.

Some months ago, I downloaded CoinManage for Mac from the Apple Store and today I attempted to enter one of my collections and was finally successful.   The basic entry process is OK but there is no help manual.   I printed the collection and found that the columns could not be adjusted and the program would not print the mint column, which makes it useless.  I then found an on-line help manual and notice that my program is missing all the control buttons that should appear above the basic window.  I couldn't even find a "save" button.

Am I missing something or is this simple program all there is?  Is there a user's manual for Mac?   Thanks, Don


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