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Can i add a new country to the list?

Guest Doug

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 Would it be also be possible to separate the different China Treaty Ports into their own categories?   The numbering system in Scotts Classic Specialized catalog has a unique numbering system for each port.  The stamp pictures get mixed up in Stampmanage.  I have a few stamps in those areas and I needed to put subscripts on the stamp numbers so there won't be a conflict. I have a suggested list below:
China Treaty Ports- Amoy (1895-1897)
China Treaty Ports- Chefoo (1893-1897)
China Treaty Ports- Chinkiang (1894-1897
China Treaty Ports- Chungking (1893-1897)
China Treaty Ports- Foochow (1895-1897)
China Treaty Ports- Hankow (1893-1897)
China Treaty Ports- Ichang (1894-1897)
China Treaty Ports- Kewkiang (1894-1897)
China Treaty Ports- Nanking (1896-1897)
China Treaty Ports- Wei Hai Wei (1898-1899)
China Treaty Ports- Wuhu (1894-1897)
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I second the request for the Chinese treaty ports.

Also, there are some labeling and content errors in the country list for the Add Stamp command.  Two examples:  "Papua New Guinea" is listed as including stamps from 1952 onward but it also includes stamps from Papua from the early 1900s.  Probably better to have separate listings for Papua and Papua New Guinea.  The same problem occurs with "Malaya, Federation" which is listed as including stamps from 1957-1963 but which also includes stamps from 1900 forward.

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