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I purchased 2019 a few months ago and just upgraded to 2020.   Have started doing an inventory of my King George VI collection so pretty much 1937 to 1952 in the commonwealth.   So far I have entered approx 1200 stamps and have just reached British Virgin Islands.   I have 2 separate sets of albums, one mint and one used.   I have started with the used only.

I really need to ask what kind of quality control is being used here.   Out of the 1200 stamps I have in 'inventory' over 100 have no pricing at all, neither in the 2019 or 2020 pulldown.  Approx 10-15% of the total stamps entered there was a mint price but the used condition pricing didnt even exist.   For the country Ascension, the images are mixed up, I have no idea how to even fix that.  The British Occupation sets are a total mess, the M.E.F.  is scattered in 3 different country lists and approx 50% of the stamps are not even in the database.   As I said I am now at Virgin Islands and I have so far had to add 6 different stamps from the Scott Catalog because they are not in the database.   IE: scott 86 and 88 are there but not 87.   There are countless errors in descriptions, perfs etc.

Is this possible?   Is my database corrupted or do i need to waste hours and hours fixing the database for omissions and accuracy?

I prefer the StampManage setup and interface to other compteting products but....




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Hi, we will take a good look at image errors, sometimes the issue is that images from an older version are stll there even though we deleted wrong images in a later version.

regarding missing values & data.  We are adding values, images and data.  Several thousand each month.  

The program is not complete for all countries,  we have a 30 day trial version that contains all the images/ data /values so are user can see the data in the program before purchase.

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