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Backup to USP Drive

Guest Frank Mavros

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Guest Frank Mavros

When ever I try to backup the database to a USB drive ,the backup starts and it goes through the different dialog boxes then when it gets toi the end the screen goes blank and I do not 

get any information if the backup has finished or not. I have tried the 2020 trial version and the problem is still there. If you need to contact me my email is

frank_mavro@hotmail.com. I have tried the chad ,support and sales dept,but no response.

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Hi, we have tried emailing you but the emails always bounce.  

After the backup seems to be finished, can you use the windows explorer to look at the folder where you specified that the backup should be saved at.

do you see any ZIP files there?  those are created by the backup program.  

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Guest Frank

You do have the correct email address, I have checked the destination folder for the file and yes there is one there from the COIN Managing system, but it's of different size from the previous, and that is why I am wondering if the backup has finished correctly or not. The file is in the format of Backup_2020_....

My email again is frank_mavro@hotmail.com

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