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next question - how do I change "Created by" and "Modified by"

Guest Joe West

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Guest Joe West

I just found that the program is inserting a silly name I had to create in order to register Windows 10. This is a name that looks silly in a program like this. I've looked in the Actions menu and Tools menu and also in the registry as well as the folders for program files and data folders but can't find it anywhere. How do I change this?

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I am evaluating home inventory software, and came upon this issue as well.

Due to silly IT requirements, my Windows username is "robmi", but I need the information in the database to say "rob", or something that isn't "robmi".  Empty would be fine, actually.

I did an export and import of my data through xls files, and the import doesn't honor the value.

I am looking at editing the Access Database file directly, but I'm not finding anything that will do that for me, either, unless I pay Microsoft for a license.

What are the chances that we can modify this value in the future?  Either through an administration app (which allows direct read / write to the file, voiding all warranty), making the field editable, honoring the export / import data (I have no problem doing a full export / import cycle, although it is painful, it is better than where I am right now), or a configuration setting.  Those are the first four ideas I came up with.  However, I presume since you understand this domain better than I do, you can come up with a "more better" way of solving this.

Thank you.

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Guest Guest Rob

Good news!  HomeManage is no longer stricken from the list of possible solutions.

I found a tool called "MDB Admin", and it, along with the Access runtime things from MS, I'm able to fix my data.  Now all I have to do is wrap this up into some sort of a workflow, and we are good.

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