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Error message for a PlateBlock report

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Hmm, do your other reports work? i can't reproduce this error, from the Preferences Tab does the Reports Directory point at the correct folder? Only other thing that i can think of is:

  1. Navigate to the Selection you want to report on from the Left Pane (i.e Canada-->Regular Issues)
  2. Click on Reports-->Output Report Using (ctrl+r)
  3. and specify 'Stamps-PlateBlocks.lst' from the list of reports
  4. Click on Open

Can't think of much else to check, sounds like a support issue that the @admin  will likely respond to this

@admin - when looking at the reports seems like the description for the report doesn't match the file name. I would add a screenshot but ran out of attachment storage :)


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Thanks again for the reply. I have reported the problem to the support and they responded they would look at it.

When I tried your you method method I got an additional error message:

This project file cannot be read

Possible reasons:

- it is password protected

- it has an invalid format or

-it was created with a newer version of the software

Second error message:

StampManage 2021 Report Error 

No project exist with the specified name.


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