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Sortly - migrating to HomeManage 2020 (HM) any suggestions?

Guest Mark Songi

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Guest Mark Songi

I have been using Sortly for the past couple of years and I want to move to a purchased rather than "rented" database so am trialling HM.

Would it be of use if I keep notes of how I get on? Is there anyone at HM I should send this to?

So far I am impressed, I had not been expecting to be able to import the photos from Sortly, but this seems to work perfectly for at least 1 photo per item (with around 250 items and 1,000 photos this will save me weeks of work).

Firstly I may have missed it but is there any guidance or hints and tips on doing this transfer effectively, in addition to importing csv in the HomeManage Getting Started Guide? I have tried searching the forums for "Import" and "Sortly" and "Field" and also  didn't see a video tutorial but may have missed a relevant source? Particular areas are:

  • a mapping of standard Sortly fields to standard HM fields that someone has set up?
  • Can I save and edit mappings from the csv file to the destination fields in HM? I seem to have to recreate the mapping for each import? Ideally I would "borrow" someone's as a starting point"
  • Is there list (data dictionary) of the HM "Destination Fields" (or should I find the relevant access table) as I prefer to write out the mapping first.



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Guest Mark Songi

Thank you, I had seen the video so was half way there. These videos have been very helpful.

The import from Sortly was successful. In case it helps others the mapping i used is below. Particularly impressive were that:

  • Photos are imported from Sortly via the web links directly.
  • Home Mange can record replacement value for insurance purposes
  • Can calculate profit or loss on sale which is helpful when dealing with a deceased estate



Sortly export Maps to HomeManage Comment
Entry Name DescriptiveName  
Entry Type   Not relevant
SID   Use new ID from Home Manage
Quantity Quantity  
Unit   Not used by me
Min Level   Not used by me
Price ?  
Value TotalCost Quantity x Price in Sortly
Notes Comments  
Tags   Not used by HomeMange? Category will be manually populated
Primary Folder PresentLocation Location
Subfolder-level1 RoomID  
Subfolder-level2   Not used by HomeMange?
Subfolder-level3   Not used by HomeMange?
Subfolder-level4   Not used by HomeMange?
Photo1 Image1Caption Downloads images from Sortly directly
Photo2 Image2Caption  
Photo4 Image4Caption  
Photo5 Image5Caption  
Photo6 Image6Caption  
Photo7 Image7Caption  
Photo8 Image8Caption  
Barcode/QR1-Data   Note used by me
Barcode/QR1-Type   Note used by me
Barcode/QR2-Data   Note used by me
Barcode/QR2-Type   Note used by me
Product Detail (SKU, Part #)   Note used by me
Serial Number Serial Number  
Web   Note used by me
Purchase Date Date Purchased  
Return Date   Note used by me
Warranty Expiry Date WarrantyExpire  
Borrower Name   Not used by me
Lent On   Not used by me
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