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Best Practices for Coin Manage Usage


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When I first purchased this software I was super excited to finally have a tool specifically made for managing my growing coin collection.  I jumped in and immediately started adding all my coins.  I took pictures of each coin, dug up receipts, tried to remember where I acquired them, etc.  And, well... simply went to town entering everything into one giant collection.  While what I've created is 100 times more organized than what I had prior to Coin Manage(paper ledger), I think there is probably a better more thoughtful way to organize my collection.  I have coins that have sentimental value, coins that have real numismatic value that are: a) Keepers for a primary collection and b) extras or not quite as good but still should keep, and coins that are just bullion value coins(like hundreds of worn US and Canadian silver coinage).

What are the "Best Practices" that folks have come up with for setting up and using Coin Manage?  I know that's a broad question so broad answers are fine.  😉


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