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HELP! PL (proof like) values not showing in Coin Manage Deluxe 2021 after enabling in Preference, unable to select the PL value when add coin

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Hi Admins - 

Just purchased Coin Manage Deluxe 2021 w/support / updates for windows.

Installed on PC windows laptop, able to get everything up and running... so far so good....

Then, went to add coins and found PL (Proof Like) values were not showing in the pick box for grade values.  See screen shots.

Went to Tools -> Preferences .... and found the PL values were not checked (enabled).

Checked all the PL values to enable them, went back to the add coin screen... and tried to add a new coin.

The 'Condition' pick list DOES show PL as an option to pick, but the actual value fields in the bigger pick box below does not show any of the PL entries or values. 

I've restarted the software, double check the PL values were still enabled in the system settings, etc...  rebooted the complete laptop, ran update values, etc... 


Looks like a bug or a big miss in the design. 

Hoping you can tell me what I'm doing wrong and how to get the PL values enabled to be picked on  Morgan 1878 Dollars and other coins.

This makes the software useless for me as most of my coins I wanted to catalog in the software are graded in the Proof Like range.

Thanks for any help.  See screen shots below/attached.

Download and installed on PC Laptop Windows 10 home OS Software Version:  Coin Manage Deluxe 2021




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