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Search by Assigned to Employee does not work from Imported records.


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I have just purchased AssetManage Standard v22.0.0.6 when searching for an employee, it never finds the users on the imported records.   I have tried several users that have assets assigned to them, but the search function does not find the users.   This is kind of a big problem, as this is how I search to find out what assets our employees have.

Is it possible for this issue to be fixed?  I'm able to search other fields without issues.  But the assigned to employee is crucial for the search function.

I found out that if I edit an imported record and save the entry, then when I search by the employee name, it will find it.  So it appears to be some sort of indexing problem on imported records.

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Good luck getting support for this product.  Try looking in the "View By" tab on the left, then click on "Employees", then click on the employee you want to view.  This software is such a good idea and works so well for our purpose however the problem is the guy running the company.  I've been waiting for an update for over a month.  Check out some of the online reviews you'll see there has been an ongoing support problem for years with Liberty Street Software.  Hope my suggestion helps.

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