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Images in my image folder

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Hi-level answer: If you are scanning your stamps outside of StampManage, save them to your image folder. You will be importing them within the app, this will ensure they get placed in the appropriate StampManage folder.

Multiple approaches:

  1. Initiate the scan directly from within StampManage
    1. Open the stamp properties of the desired stamp from your collection
    2. Click on Picture tab
    3. from the upper right corner where 'Scanner/Digital Camera' is located click on select source and ensure your scanner is selected
    4. Click on 'Acquire Image' Note: I had to close and reopen the stamp properties after completing the 'Selecting Source' step
    5. After Image appears within the Stamp Properties Pictures tab, continue to add photos (up to 4 based on the UI)
    6. Click on OK to save your changes
    7. Your photo(s) that were scanned will be stored in your 'Collection Stamp Images Directory'
  2. Scan externally using your favorite app and store where you wish.
    1. From within StampManage open the stamp properties of the desired stamp
    2. Click on Picture tab
    3. Click on Import, locate the image you scanned/saved of the stamp and click on Open to import the image (this will copy the photo to your 'Collection Stamp Images Directory'
    4. Click on OK to save your changes
  3. You can also just copy a photo of the stamp from a web page and then leverage  the 'Clipboard'-->'Paste' feature found on the Pictures tab. This will also store the photo in the 'Collection Stamp Images Directory'
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