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Album/Stock Book location?

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Would it be possible to add a Location (from the list of Locations) to the properties of the Album/Stock Book?  That seems to make more sense than having the location field on the individual stamp.  A stamp is something (an album or stock book or box), which is noted on the stamp properties page 1 (lower left on my screen).  And that something is in a location.

What say ye?  Thanks.

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Hmm if I am following you. You are saying the Location would be tied to the Album not the Stamp
It is my impression that the Location field is relevant to Grading, perhaps?

I like the idea and it would be pretty awesome to add a field for AlbumLocation, especially if your collection is distributed across multiple sites/rooms/bookshelves

Yah got my vote!

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Thanks, Jeff.  You understand what I am looking for.  I have no idea what the original intent for the Location field on the Additional Information tab of Stamp Properties.  Thanks for the vote.  😉

IF mass update didn't change other values (other ticket), AND IF mass update allowed change to Location, then I would not need this - though it seems silly to update the location of a stamp, when I have already identified which album/stock book/box/file it is in.  It seems to make more sense to update in which cabinet and on what shelf a particular album is located, and to just store that information in one place rather than on a bunch of individual stamp records.


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