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StampManage Report - misreporting collection status

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I was attempting to use the 'Stamps I Don't Own' report but i am seeing stamps i own show up in the report, any guidance for troubleshooting this?



tried multiple ways to embed the photo from my google photos or even my google drive but no luck. Examples of the issue are accessible from either link.



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Seems as though an update came out already. I applied the update and still the same problem persisted 🙃. As a work around I am leveraging the Quantities Owned report.

I am exporting to Text CSV with the following saved settings:

  • Character Set: UTF-8
  • Create endless pages CHECKED
  • Separator: Tab
  • Framing: None
  • Header and footer lines: Ignore
  • Ignore group lines: CHECKED

Side Note: I gotta add that I love the massive list of supported export formats

 And then for the last step I run a simple PowerShell script to convert the Tab Delimited file to Excel format

$DateInfo=Get-Date -Format "dd-MMM-yyy"
$myExcelFile=$rawReport.Split("_")[0] + "_" + $DateInfo +".xlsx"
$filePath="C:\Users\jeffl\OneDrive\Stamps\Country Reports\"
$unformattedreport=Import-Csv -Path $($filePath + $rawReport) -Delimiter "`t" -Header "ScottsNum","Description","Denom","Variety", "Color","DateIssued","ST","PB","FDC"
# Requires the opensource ImportExcel PowerShell Module (install-module ImportExcel)
# Only because i want to do some formatting to the spreadsheet columns
Import-Module ImportExcel
$x1=$unformattedreport|Export-Excel $($filePath + $myExcelFile) `
 -WorksheetName "StampExport" `
 -ClearSheet -BoldTopRow -FreezeTopRow -AutoFilter -TableStyle Medium16 `
Set-Format -Worksheet $ws -Range "A:A" -HorizontalAlignment Right
Set-Format -Worksheet $ws -Range "B:B" -WrapText -Width 32
Set-Format -Worksheet $ws -Range "C:C" -HorizontalAlignment Right
Set-Format -Worksheet $ws -Range "D:D" -HorizontalAlignment Right
Add-ConditionalFormatting -Worksheet $ws -Range "g2:g40000" `
 -RuleType GreaterThan -ConditionValue '0' -ForegroundColor "Green" -Bold
Export-Excel -ExcelPackage $x1 -WorksheetName "StampExport"


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On 8/29/2023 at 9:43 PM, Jeff Lynch said:

Seems as though an update came out already. I applied the update and still the same problem persisted 🙃

Hi, can you tell me how you are selecting the Stamps I don't Have report?  I posted the screenshot of a place in the UI where we found and corrected an error.  There are multiple ways of running this report so how are you selecting it within the program?

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Ok did some more digging after returning from a stamp show this weekend and discovered that I ended up buying some dupes, even though I used the workaround that I thought would work 'Database-QuantitiesOwned' report 😔

I believe I found what is causing the reporting issue. I do prefer (where possible) to collect stamps with selvage and the way its entered or perhaps the way i entered the stamp format into the UI.

Field: Format

Working - Single Stamp

Not Working - Single Stamp w/selvage, Singe Stamp with Selvage, SWS-Single Stamp w/Salvage I have to remove this since selvage is misspelled)


Although, hmm after looking at my reports directory practically every report (LST,LSV) file has a last modified of December 2022 or older. I had thought the report was updated in the last released patch/update.

Does the StampManage update laydown updated version of those reports? Or if worried about preserving user edited filter overwrite where last modified user contains LIBERTYSTREET-1 ?

when i look inside the LST file with Notepad++ 'Database-StampsIDontHave.lst'

LastModifiedByApp=StampMng.exe [2005, 7, 0, 4]
 LastModifiedByDLL=CMLL11.DLL [11,4,0,0 (05-08-09 08:46)]
 LastModifiedByUser=Paul Dembowski on LIBERTYSTREET-1




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