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Assign a value to a Type?

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I recently got one of the King Charles III Definitive sets.  I've created a Type entry for that and then created variety entries for each of the coins.  I would like to assign a value to the Type entry and leave the individual coins valueless since they would only ever be sold as a set.  The Type value would need to be in a field that can be printed.

I'd think that a Type wouldn't normally have a value, although there is a Face Value field in the database editor.  That might work but I haven't been able to find it in the report editor.

Do you have any other thoughts on how I can accomplish this?

Thanks in advance.

Also, consider this a vote for adding additional user-configurable fields in the next version.  They're very useful.

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Hi, so you have added new type called "King Charles III Definitive sets" and wish to set default values for that type?  right now, you could create a "variety" called "type" and change the value table to the values for that "type".

Whenever you are then adding a "King Charles III Definitive sets" select the Type variety and the appropriate grade.

It is a bit complicated to explain with text, if you need further clarification let me know it is a good subject for the next YouTube video.

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I didn't explain the problem very well not least because, as you said, it's complicated using only text.  But, I think I found what I need with the three set dropdown boxes.  I created a 'King Charles III Definitive Set', a 'Set Value' set, and a 'Set Weight' set.  I can then just assign each coin to those three sets.  I'll then assign a percentage of the total cost (based on weight, I guess) to each coin.  I'll still end up with the correct total cost in the reports.  Speaking of sets - is there a way to delete old / unused entries from the dropdown box?

I would be very interested to see a video with your idea explained.  It sounds like it would be useful to have in my bag of tricks.  Thanks.



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