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  1. This sound similar to the problem in HomeManage where after adding about a dozen assets images can't be added to new or existing assets until the program is restarted.
  2. With regard to reusing asset numbers, I use HomeManage, but it has the same behavior where asset numbers are never reused. In a way this can be a good thing, since by never reusing numbers there is little chance of a conflict/confusion when you look at inventories from different dates. This could happen, for example, if you needed to restore your data from a backup or if you compared a report that you printed a while back to a current report. However, if you have a reason that you want to reuse the numbers of items that you previously deleted, then one thing to remember is that when you delete
  3. Procedure to duplicate the error: 1. Create a beneficiary named John Doe by entering John Doe as the Beneficiary in an asset. 2. Create a beneficiary named Jane Doe by entering Jane Doe as the Beneficiary in an asset. 3. Go to the View tab, expand Beneficiaries, click on Jane Doe, and then edit the properties of Jane Doe. 4. Change Jane to John and save the record. The system does not prevent a duplicate beneficiary.
  4. Although you can create a Beneficiary with just a single name (which the system assumes is a last name), when you subsequently edit the Beneficiary properties you can't save it with just a First or Last name. For example, if you created a beneficiary by typing "John" into the Beneficiary field of an asset, the system creates a Beneficiary with a Last Name "John". If you then go to the View tab and try to edit the properties of this Beneficiary, the OK button won't enable until there is both a First and Last name. Because of this restriction you can't move "John" from the Last Name to the First
  5. If you Search for Text using the Find dialog and sort the Items Found by AssetNum the resulting list of items is not sorted correctly. There are two cases. Case 1. If you set the sort to AssetNum before you start the search, then sort order of the Items Found is about 80% in order. Here is an example of the AssetNum order resulting from a search of my data: 4 12 53 50 135 150 142 177 180 174 186 198 244 246 254 289 298 302 317 335 348 331 342 346 407 402 403 405 Case 2. If the initial sort is something else, like Description, then when you press AssetNum to sort by AssetNum the resulting list
  6. In my case, the HomeManageID is important to me since I have exported the inventory into a workbook into which I import the images programmatically, and I need the HomeManageID to do this. I have also shared the images in the AssetImages folder, so I am using HomeManageID to identify assets. At present I can only show the AssetNum on the HomeManage screen, so it is important to me that AssetNum and HomeManageID are the same. This will be rectified in the next version, when you plan to add HomeManageID to the list of possible fields that we can show on the lists. The present behavior does ensur
  7. I note that when you add a new item to HomeManage it assigns the same number to AssetNum and HomeManageID. However, if you Duplicate an asset, and if there are unused AssetNums (because you deleted assets), it does not. I don't think that this inconsistency was intended. I suggest that when you Duplicate an asset that HomeManage should assign the same number to the new asset's AssetNum and HomeManageID. I have not thoroughly researched and repeated this bug, but here is what I think is happening. Let's use a hypothetical example. Suppose that I have 197 assets numbered from 2-93 and 95-104, an
  8. This bug is repeatable. 1. Show the Category tab or View tab in the main screen. Do not select any Category or View. 2. Select Tools, Preferences from the menu. 3. Select the Columns tab. 4. HomeManage crashes. 5. I did not test all of the Views, but the program also crashes when some views are selected. E.g. Vehicles. So that the user can edit the columns for the current view, HomeManage tries to select the currently displayed view in the Categories (of which "Showing a Category" is one of the values) dropdown on the Columns tab of the Preferences dialog. I think there is a bug in the Prefere
  9. Although when you create a new item the AssetNum is set equal to the HomeManageID, it is possible for the user to change the AssetNum at which point they will not be the same. Since the asset images are numbered using HomManagID,some users will find it useful to see the HomeMangeID instead of or in addition to the AssetNum. For example, I was browsing the images in my AssetImages folder, and wanted to add some information to the asset tied to the photo named Asset123(1).jpg. I couldn't find the asset, since I was not aware that the asset with HomeManageID 123 had an AssetNum of 35. Ultimately
  10. I have more subtle problems with images using Windows 7 (documented in other tickets), and I found that using "Disable desktop composition" in the compatibility settings for the program helped ease, but not eliminate, my problems. As a way to help debug your problem, I suggest testing to see if changing the compatibility settings will fix or ease your problem. If you are not familiar with compatibility settings, here is a page from Microsoft's website which explains how to make the change. The changes, by the way, are totally reversible. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-ca/windows-8/older-progr
  11. I believe that you will need to search and replace any single quotes with two single quotes when you make the query, like this: Before '[Assets].[YearMade] = '1800's' AND [Assets].[LocationID] <> 3 AND ... After '[Assets].[YearMade] = '1800''s' AND [Assets].[LocationID] <> 3 AND ...
  12. If you have a Year with a single quote mark in it, like "1800's", then when you select that Year on the View tab you get an error like Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression '[Assets].[YearMade] = '1800's' AND [Assets].[LocationID] <> 3 AND ... Similarly, you get an error if a Color has a single quote. I did not test all of the views, but you don't get this error if a Manufacturer has a single quote in the name. I suspect that this error will occur for all of the views which don't use a database record to store the property, such as Warranty Expiration, Expiring Leases, Colo
  13. I have used HomeManage for a month, so I think I can answer most of your questions using my own experience. Q: Can I back up on Microsoft's OneDrive (this feature is disabled in the trial version)? A: When you back up using the built-in Backup Data to Internet function on the Tools menu, HomeManage creates the same kind of backup file that it does with the Backup Database function on the File menu, and then it FTPs this file to Liberty Software's FTP server, using your license key as an ID. When you run the Backup Database function it prompts you for a backup location and a file name for the b
  14. Actually, it appears that error message isn't erroneous. The "long" Descriptions appear to be stored in the Categories for the session. However, if you close HomeManage and then reopen it the long descriptions are no longer there. I am changing the title of this thread from False error message when adding more than 50 chars of text to Category Description to Feature request: Make Description field for Category longer. I suggest a fairly long limit, like 500 or 1024 chars, whatever HomeManage normally uses for long text fields.
  15. Only once when I edited a photo did the thumbnail update after I edited the photo. I noticed at the time when the thumbnail did update that I edited the photo using Paint, while now I am editing it using my default editor which is Irfanview. I don't know if the difference in behavior is due to the program being used for editing. After editing an image I press OK on the Item Properties dialog with the Item Picture(s) tab selected, hoping that this will trigger an update to the thumbnail. I also tried selecting another tab before pressing OK, but this did not fix the problem. I notice that after
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