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Updated from HM2011 version to but cannot activate


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I have HomeManage 2011 and have beenusing it for years to inventory home items. The version I bought and installed was version running on Windows 7 (64-bit). Just today I saw there was an update on the LibertyStreet site, so I downloaded it and installed it on top of my existing installation. The update is version, and it apparently fixes a few cosmetic issues in the software. When I attempt activate the software, it asks for my product key. I had saved the product key from my original installation of When I supply the original product key in the TurboActivate popup window, it complains that "You must enter a valid product key before activating online. Check your product key, and type it again."

How can I activate the software?



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For the benefit of any prospective (and current) users I thought, as a user not in anyway affiliated with this company, I would add my comment. This board is not large but for the 23 posts there are only 5 replys and three of these are not from Liberty. The two company replies relate to sales none to techical or process or any other question. My experience has been that after a computer crash I was unable to reactive the program. Repeated emails (I did not post here) were never responded to, not even to say 'get lost'. It would appear that there is NO SUPPORT FOR THIS PRODUCT. I think its one of the best I have found in this category so it is a pity that Liberty can't do a better job of support. Its not the money as the program is reasonably priced, but the time one will spend to set up an inventory only to find that any problem will leave you out in the cold. I just don't understand what the problem is! Before spending a lot of time with this product consider the risks.

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